I love to learn, teach and to experience the learning of others in action. There is nothing better than that moment when the light bulb sparks and something clicks for the first time. On this page you will find an offering of both online and in person classes. I'm truly grateful to be on this journey of evolution with you.

Online Courses

The Art Of Connection

In this course I will guide you through a process of reflection. Rather than just diving in to the paint, we will be creating space for connection. Art is a language but it can only speak when the artists feels and expresses from that place. There is an essence within a subject, often a story that rises from beneath the surface. We will be exploring this space. Once we have made space for connection, our path takes us to technique. Though technique and learning various tools used to create the illusion, we can speak for our heart. The art of connection is about making the connection on many different levels. Connecting to the story, the feeling, the patterns that make up the face and the shapes that bring the image together and of course the color that bring it all to life. I will be taking you on a step by step journey as we sketch and paint a portrait. We will be stepping into my process and I will be your guide. My desire for you however is to take what you learn and bring whatever you need into your art. To evolve is one of my deepest desires and I wish the same for you.

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Pushing The Values With Pencil


In this course we will be going back to the basics and building a foundation by creating depth and a range of values with pencil. Pencils are a wonderful medium due to the fact that they are easily transportable, easy to clean up and wonderfully dynamic because of the variety of the soft to hard graphite available. We will be discussing how to use the pencils, how to sketch the face using spatial relationships and creating shapes that build somewhat of a map of the face that we will use as a guide to place our areas of light and dark. It really is all about seeing and breaking down and building up. I’m looking forward to creating together with these wonderful tools!

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Acrylic Portraits, Watercolor Style

I have always been pulled to the face and I now know that comes from a desire to connect with others. I feel a purpose in connection to the subject, connection to the process and connection to the viewer.  While I paint I am in communication with my subject. We are in our own world together. This is my vehicle for self expression and story telling. I have a desire to grow as an artist and that is what inspires me to keep moving forward. Each day is an evolution and I am grateful to be on this path as an artist.

In this course, we will be learning to see portraits in a deeper light.  There are subtleties in the face that require greater focus to notice, and I will be your guide to help you see these subtleties as you paint your own portraits.

This workshop contains a warm-up activity, three main lessons, and one bonus project.  We will complete a monochromatic painting, a full color-painting, and a painting that incorporates collaging.  Each project will feature a different angle of the face, and the final project will be more in-depth.  Below are samples of projects that we will complete, but are not exact pictures.


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Collaged Reflections, Discovering Your Inner Voice

Creativity is connection. Creativity is self-reflection. Creativity is a focused and directed energy that brings us out of our heads and into the essence of who we are. When we enter this space, we are free to explore through technique and intuitive play. It is with these thoughts in mind that the idea for this course came about. Spending time each day to be quiet through journaling can open us up in our art expression and practice. What stories can we tell through our art? What messages can we connect to? As an artist I desire to go deeper, to connect to that which lies within and to create from that place. In this course we will explore these things while also developing our technique through pencil sketching and painting the face, body and hands. Sketching is an essential practice in learning to connect and to see.