Yesterday while journaling, the concept of the flashlight came to me. Not to light a path in the dark in reality, but in our lives. Often times each situation that comes up in our lives touches upon choice. What do we say yes to? What do we say no to? How do we get really clear about what our instincts tell us and follow that inner awareness? It is hard to be true to that inner awareness oftentimes because of fear. When fear creeps up it literally dulls our vision and the haziness makes it hard to see what we really want or don’t want. The image of the flashlight came to me because I had this thought that if we only had one flashlight and it shone only one beam of light, where would we direct it? In that moment our power of choice would become pretty clear. This could be choices for many things…When to speak, when to be silent, when to say yes, when to say no, when to move and take action, when to remain still and create space. Choices that we otherwise dull due to fear would suddenly become clear in the light of our flashlight. This is a daily, and truthfully moment to moment experience. We are not meant to be perfect and always make perfect choices but to be true to what we feel in our heart from a place that is not about ego, but about inner truth and honor. This is a lifelong process I think of making some choices that connect to this place and some that don’t all the while learning and growing from each experience. What choices would you make if you used your flashlight?